RPM Packaging Workshop

Published: Wed 24 September 2014
Updated: Wed 24 September 2014
By Mat Booth

In Misc.

tags: fedora

For anyone interested in such things, I will be running an RPM packaging workshop at PySheff, the Sheffield Python users' group, on the evening of Tuesday 30th September. Attendence is free and is intended for all levels of Python or RPM experience.

We will talk briefly about the pros and cons of distro packaging and then attempt to package some real Python applications.

Details about the time and location of the event are available on Google Plus. Please also consider following the PySheff group on Twitter for information about this and future events.

You should bring a laptop if you want to participate, but having Linux installed is not a necessity as I will be bringing Live DVDs of Fedora 20 with the RPM development tools pre-installed. This way you can boot into Linux for the workshop without disturbing your current operating system.

Also, there will be stickers available for everyone who successfully builds and installs their own RPM!

See you there!